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What Drives You?


If you are not getting the results you want to get

Then you need to think about your reasons


What is stopping you from taking action to achieve your goals.


Walking for Hospices – How to Help Local Hospices

I just completed a 7 miles sponsored walk for  my local hospice, Michael Sobell House. This is a hospice walk which I have completed annually since losing my sister to cancer and receiving the care of her local hospice Arohanui House in Palmerston North, New Zealand without whose help and support those remaining days we had with my sister would have been ever more difficult.

Local hospices rely upon the support of the local community, donations and volunteers in order to survive and provide the compassionate services that they provide.

I entered myself into the annual walk a bit late bit better late then never. The week before saw lots of rain, miserable cold weather and the bodings of a wet walk ahead,  the day prior to the walk was cloudy and very very wet.

It did not bode well for the morning of the walk – not that that would have put me off.

Come Sunday morning, I woke at 6.30am to find the sun shining and clear blue skies. Yes, really it was so amazing.

I donned my walking boots and registered at 8am. There was a choice of a 3 mile or 7 mile walk o cater for all ranges of walkers and families. The 3 mile walk is great for families with little un’s or those who want to give back but can’t quite manage the longer walk. They also provide transport back to the base if you complete the 3 mile walk.

The 7 mile walk takes you on a circular route starting off at the Michael Sobell House Hospice, Northwood. The first part crosses into the picturesque Moor Park Manor and impressive golf course. The views were simply spectactular and the peace of the morning added to the nature of the walk.

woodland wander route map

The walk led onto the Rickmansworth canal, a pleasant part with all the canal boats and a chance to admire the gardens of those who lived and took such pride in their greenery living on the canal edge. The highlight of my canal walk is the monkey stuffed animal which hangs on one of the defunct rail crossings. It has been there for as long as I have been using the canal walk, almost 10 years , it was one of the reason we managed to get my young daughter to continue to walk – it was the promise of seeing the large monkey.

We crossed over into the woods after passing some cows who I hoped would not decided to charge us walkers. The woods were well muddy after the heavy rains careful planning was needed to decide which path was the least muddy.

Refreshments were at several points along the way offering water, bananas and sweets -hmmm always can do with a few sweets to keep those energy levels up, oops  I mean bananas.

Three hours later, I arrived back to the base to collect my certificate to confirm that I had completed my 7 miles walk. A sense of achievement and elation that I was doing something worthwhile to give back to our local community.

Not a walker there are other ways to help your local hospice

As well as organised sponsored walks, midnight walks you can also contribute by joining the hospice lottery. If you have a few hours then why not volunteer your time to help in your local hospice.


Or put it into your diary for next year and join us on the Woodland Wander Walk for your hospice.



Summer Holidays – Things to do in London

Over the summer holiday the inevitable comes up with what to do with the kids. In previous years, I would usually be working whilst trying to juggle childcare at various settings. The summer holiday was one huge headache that I couldn’t wait to get over.

summer holiday

This year it is different. Being at home and running an online business, I had the time freedom to be around in the summer holiday and was able to chose how we spend our days. We decided that a day out in London was on the agenda. Having already taken in many of the usual sights in London such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade, Westminster and The London Eye we opted to try out some new places in London.

Alternative stuff to do in London over the Summer holiday

We started off at the Victoria and Albert museum. My daughter moaned that museums are boring and not her favorite but within the first few moments she was engulfed with the history of fashion and laughing at some of the items of clothing that were worn over time – some of which I must say I remember wearing rather proudly at the time. As well as the fashion section, the Victoria and Albert Museum holds a rich history of sculptures and periods of time with statues of Buddha’s and relics from the past,  you will not be disappointed by what else there is on offer.

If the kids moan when you mention the Victoria and Albert Museum, I recommend standing firm and let them experience an alternative to the more frequently visited Science Museum and Natural History museum (we’ve have been there countless times and know the interactive section like the back of my hand). Remember too that many museums in London are free when you are thinking about what to do with the children in the summer holiday.

After the cultural bit was completed, we took them off for some retail therapy to Harrods in Knightsbridge.  It was easy to tell the tourist from the serious shoppers and I am sure that staff could tell who was out to spend and who was simply browsing. But this did not stop any courtesy and I can tell you it certainly made a difference to the service you get compared to other well known retail outlets that many of us frequent normally. Each Harrods customer assistant greeted us warmly and after serving us asked if there was anything else we needed help with, asked if we needed a map or help in finding anything else. It really did make that difference, as Napoleon Hill would say , ‘going the extra mile‘.

Retail therapy over and we were off for some needed fresh air.  So a short stroll down to Hyde Park was in order. Therein involved a game of how many people could sit on the beach chairs without paying. Over the summer, beach chairs are laid out in Hyde Park, unwary tourists thinking what a lovely gesture this is, sit down to take in the lake and enjoy the sunshine when it breaks through. Not long after the attendant arrives and advises them that it actually costs to sit on the beach chairs. At which, they jump up not willing to part with their £1.50 for the hour they place themselves on the ground next to the chair for free. There seemed to be rather a lot of empty chairs around,  guess free chairs aren’t on the London menu.

red bus

Some activity was needed next, so we went off in search of a quick ride on a double decker bus  for the ultimate London experience of trying to climb the spiral stairs whilst the bus jostles forward and to see if you can get down the stairs at the end before the driver takes off. Eros in Piccadilly Circus seemed a good place to get off and join in the final touristy experience amongst the throngs of crowds all hustling for a spot to take the ultimate photo.

piccadily circus

The best way to end any day in London, in my opinion, is at any of the great selection of theatres on offer and you will see that I am an avid theatre goer. We opted for One Man and Two Guvnors. A fair understanding of British humour is needed for this one with its slapstick type comedy which draws you into what appears to be audience participation but doesn’t quite turn out as expected. I will not spoil the show should you decide to take it in, but I for one was taken in by the poor lady chosen from the audience who was totally embarrassed, but that is all I’m going to say, for you will have to go and see it for yourself to find out what happens.

Summer holiday used to be a thorn in my side but that is no more, summer holiday is a great time to spend time together and enjoy things in life that we often don’t have the time to do.

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Experience Segway This Summer Holiday

For the second time this year, my daughter dragged me along to a Segway. Our first Segway try was during a holiday in Majorca but the 36 degree heat did not lend itself to traipsing around on a Segway for a couple of hours and to be honest I couldn’t get the hang of it and struggled to maneuver and steer the Segway in any direction.  I managed to get out of it with the promise that we would go on a Segway during the summer holiday.

Well if you have children, you will know that they do not forget!!

As the summer approached, little reminders were placed in my visual path by my astute daughter who has practiced this form of subtlety until she gets her way. We arrived early for our Segway at Go Ape in Black Park,.  We had to sign all the usual disclaimers (remember this is a high risk activity and there have been some accidents using a Segway so don’t underestimate the 10 mph speed limit – I’m being serious here.)

We were given a five minute instruction on the do’s and don’ts, how to start, stop and reverse. Then you are sent off to familiarize yourself on your Segway in the small training tracks under supervision. You will need to be able to balance when you first step on and step off but don’t let this put you off, it isn’t that difficult. It is just like trying anything new, it’s a bit shaky at first but once you become more confident it is like second nature.

Tentatively we started off on our Segway trail making sure that we could stop when we wanted to stop and not because we had crashed into another rider. Within a few minutes we were zooming around at speed, okay well at 7 mph and then the instructor increased this and let us go at 10 mph.

Fresh air, freedom and fun – thats what you get on your Segway ride.

Don’t forget the obligatory stop for photos.


Enjoying Segways in Black Park

Then we were off around the woods, around the little paths and trails and the bumpier the more fun. The hour was over too soon and no sooner than we were completed and my daughter was planning a visit with all of her friends next.

If you have been thinking about trying a Segway but aren’t sure then the Go Ape Segway are really quite easy to master.

Don’t let your fears hold you back try something new, try a Segway ride.

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